Alcatraz Island 


Night Tour

Alcatraz Night Tour

Not available Tuesdays - Wednesdays


The Alcatraz Island Night tours begin with a personally narrated ferry around Alcatraz Island, home of the famous 'inescapable prison'. This gives the trip over to the island, more of a bay cruise feel versus a traditional one-way ferry transportation.


Upon arrival you will be greeted by the National Park Service tour guide for a live tour from the dock to the entrance of the prison. From here you will begin your Alcatraz cellhouse audio tour 'Doing Time'.


The audio tour takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. During the Night tour your are limited on the amount of time you can spend on the island. It is reccomended to continue through the audio cellhouse tour until completeion so you will have ample time to join the Night Tour only additions to this exciting tour.


Depending on the National Park Service Ragers available for the evening there will be several special programs and presentations available to join. These will generally provide access to areas of the prison you wont necessarily have available to you during the day tours. 

This tour is only available to a couple hundred people an evening making it very sought after. You will also face less of a crowd than you would normally for the day tours. The additional experience alone is certainly desired as a means for a more in-depth out of the ordinary tour option. 


Also, do not forget the evening views and  romantic ferry return.


This hard to find ticket can sell out a month in advance or more.

Make sure to request yours today!


Night tour departure times vary depending on the season:










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